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Services We Provided: Branding from the Core®, Facilitated Strategic Planning Sessions, Logo, Visual Identity System, Brand Standards, Website Design, Print / Broadcast / Digital Campaigns, Custom Photography, Social Media Strategy and Graphics, Media Strategy

Twenty-five percent of working Americans live with one or more chronic health conditions. 1 Despite it’s relatively small size, this population of working adults accounts for approximately 71% of total health care spending in the United States alone.2

For over 20 years, Integrated Case Management (ICM3) has worked tirelessly to not only help self-insured businesses reduce their healthcare costs, but to create real, lasting change in the lives of those employees that drive the highest utilization of healthcare spending: those with multiple chronic conditions.

In essence, ICM3 sought to change the healthcare delivery model for this special group of people who need specialized attention, working with healthcare partners to provide a superior level of care not found in traditional wellness programs.

Just as ICM3 has worked to change the lives of its members, it also recognized the need to breathe life into its untold story and aging image.

With the help of idgroup, and its Branding from the Core process, ICM3 emerged in 2016 as Inspera Health—a name born from the combination of the words “inspire” and “spera,” the latin word for Hope.

Along with the new name, Inspera Health’s comprehensive branding platform features a newly designed logo, brand seal, website, as well as new marketing collateral including custom photography, print advertisements, corporate brochures, brand poster series, letterhead, and business cards.


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