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3 Easy Ways to Help Maximize Your Weekends

The Weekend. That magic little word that elicits either feelings of blissful euphoria or pangs of thirstful longing. You’re either working for it, wishing you had it, or wishing it wasn’t over. And if by some crazy cosmic arithmetic you’re able to maximize all 48 hours (not including Friday) of the weekend, then you might be like me: wishing it was longer. And even more—when it’s over—maybe feeling like you didn’t accomplish all you wished you had.

In our day and age (especially for those of us deep in the throws of business), the weekend is that sacred time to recuperate from the stresses of the office. And if you’re like me—and I have a feeling you are—you use your weekend to catch up on all those things that you couldn’t get to during the week: chores, errands and if you’re lucky, maybe some relaxation. So how do we maximize our “me” time and turn our weekends of “to-do” lists to our “end of the work week staycation?”

It’s important that your down time be relaxing so that you can gear up for the work week ahead. You can maximize your down time by managing your up time with a few simple life hacks. Below are three I employ frequently to get the most out of my weekends.

  • Make your bed every morning. This might seem obvious, but I’ve always believed the trick to a tidy house is in making your bed each and every morning. We’re creatures of habit, and for some reason, this small little action flips that switch in our brain that forces us to begin de-cluttering around the house. When the weekend finally arrives, you can spend it doing things you love instead of exfoliating the deep crevices of your home.
  • Do your laundry during the week. Back before I had a W/D unit, I used to go to the local laundromat and spend 3 hours washing and folding load after load of laundry. Now that I’m no longer a poor college student, I make sure to spread out my laundry chores through the week, so when Saturday morning comes, my weekend schedule is as free and empty as my dirty laundry hamper. Alternatively, paying the laundromat to do your laundry for you is just as productive.
  • Slowcook your way to a healthy meal. If you work in a fast-paced professional setting, it’s bound to happen: those late night, 10-12 hour days; and trying to find time to eat healthy is nearly impossible. One simple solution is slowcooking your food during the day while you’re at work, so when you’ve finally made it home from work in the wee hours of the night, you’re not reducing yourself to the high caloric and unhealthy foods of the drive-thru variety. As a bonus, if you cook large enough, you should have leftovers to last you through the next day’s lunch or through the weekend.

Often times, people attribute the word “productivity” to an office term roughly translating to “billable time.” However, being productive with your personal time can help free up time for you to do the things you really want to do. Whatever solutions you have, the old adage is true: If you love it, you’ll make time for it.

What are some tips and tricks you do to free up your weekends (or weekdays) to allow you to do the things you really love?

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