Organizations that offer a powerful story, brought to life through the behavior of their people and products, will generate a higher level of loyalty and emotional engagement from customers actively looking for confidence amid uncertainty.

Expectation Meets Experience.

Limelight Performance® is the answer for healthcare leaders committed to building cultures of continuous improvement. This efficient, accurate, tech-enabled performance solution measures patient perceptions at the point of service. Managers have immediate access to patient feedback via a cloud-based dashboard; insights critical for understanding your patients, reinforcing performance excellence and coaching service improvement.

Your Brand is Your Reputation.

Every touchpoint is a moment of truth that reinforces your brand promise to build trust. Limelight measures the real-time pulse of your service environment while identifying your star performers and offering patients an opportunity to share positive online reviews that reinforce your reputation to the public.

“With Limelight Performance, you get immediate feedback, measure patient experience, drive the process of performance improvement, and give you an idea of how well you are doing.”

Tom Anderson, Chief Administrative Officer
Community Health Northwest Florida

Features & Benefits

  • Touchpoint Mapping, Gap Analysis and Change Management Planning
  • Real-time dashboard, text alerts, and trending information for day-to-day performance and process improvement
  • Customizable and multilingual survey questions
  • Online review platforms integration to elevate rankings
  • Point-of-service delivery to improve response rates and response time for service recovery
  • Improve Net Promoter Scores
  • Web-based solution

People will defend and protect that which they help create.

Our team of Limelight Performance coaches will help your team build a service environment that moves beyond satisfied to impressed!  Get your associates and staff in the game by engaging them in building experiences that “wow” your patients.