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Services We Provided: Branding from the Core®, Facilitated Strategic Planning Sessions, Logo, Visual Identity System, Brand Standards, Website, Print / Outdoor / Broadcast / Digital Campaigns, Custom Photography, Social Media Strategy and Graphics, Media Strategy

“The greatest value for our organization was idgroup’s ability to articulate our hidden culture through a wide range of media. As a business owner, I have known what lies beneath the surface of our organization, but didn’t have the knowledge or process to translate that to an audience. idgroup fulfilled that need in spades.”

Michael Ellis, CCRP, Owner, President & CEO
Avanza Medical Research Center

How do we show the world that groundbreaking research is taking place right here in our community?


Clinical trial research is the field of medical research that advances new drug therapies and devices with the intention to improve medical outcomes or quality of life. Patients where traditional therapies won’t work rely on clinical trials to get access to new treatments not yet available to the public. Pensacola Research Consultants sought the help of idgroup to reposition them in the marketplace as a provider of clinical research trials for both patients needing state-of-the-art treatments, and physicians seeking to contribute to the advancement of medical science.


idgroup worked with leadership to facilitate an intimate one-on-one dialogue session to better understand the mindset and motivations of both patients and physicians (research investigators). As a result of the work, Pensacola Research Consultants emerged as Avanza Medical Research Center. Inspired by the Spanish word “Avanza” meaning “to advance,” the newly rebranded organization launched an integrated campaign in June 2017 with the position of transforming today’s breakthroughs into tomorrow’s therapies. This integrated campaign included television, radio, brochures, and website as well as a long-format brand positioning video.

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