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Services We Provided: Facilitated Strategic Planning Session, Marketing Strategy, National Broadcast Campaign

Daws Manufacturing is the world leader in heavy duty truck tool box manufacturing. They build truck boxes for not only their in-house brand, Better Built®, but also for other popular automotive brands like Lowe’s Kobalt Series.

However, their success as manufacturers has created a marketing conundrum. How do they position their Better Built brand as the preeminent truck box when these same boxes are sold under so many highly recognizable brand names?

Daws’ marketing department partnered with idgroup to develop a national TV spot with a unique product position for Better Built; a position that wasn’t about features or quality or even tools. idgroup’s research revealed a position that connected the Better Built brand values to their customers’ lifestyle values: “Life. Better Built.”


2015 American Advertising Awards Gold
2015 Telly Award
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