Gateway to Florida’s Enterprise

Services We Provided: Branding from the Core®, Facilitated Strategic Planning Session, Naming, Logo, Visual Identity System, Brand Standards, Brochure Development, Branded Video, Social Media Strategy and Design, Microsite, Messaging, Art Direction, Photography, Event Management, Promotions

In 2014, through the decision of inspired leadership, the economic development team that previously resided under the management of the local Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, was now transforming itself into its very own independent organization.

The decision to move out from under the chamber was a big, bold move—and a significant trend within other communities of the country. This fledgling organization, temporarily named “CEDA,” or the Community Economic Development Association, needed help uncovering its identity and crafting its authentic story that would ultimately be told to the community, as well as prospective businesses.

As an organization whose sole job is to represent and promote the region, the first order of business was to develop a new name and logo that captured the spirit and personality of the newly formed organization that was also reflective of the strengths of the area. Through facilitated dialogue sessions, idgroup uncovered a story and developed a name and logo that immediately communicated the organization’s geographic location without limiting opportunities for growth, captured its spirit of adventure and positioned it as the “Gateway to Florida’s Enterprise.”

The West, while synonymous with the spirit of adventure, also became an acronym for the organization’s focus and mission: Wealth Development, Economic Partnerships, Sustainable Growth and Transformed Workforce.

idgroup developed assets to launch the brand into the community, resulting in a special event of more than 50 local city and county policy makers, community and business leaders.

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