Pensacola Lung Group

Breathing Life, Compassion and Love into Pulmonary Care

Services We Provided: Branding from the Core®, Facilitated Strategic Planning Sessions, Logo, Visual Identity Assets, Brand Standards, Custom Website Design, Branding Brochure, Custom Photography, Branded Promotional Materials

“I wanted to show that Pensacola Lung Group is an advocate for our patients in an ever-changing, dynamic healthcare structure that is difficult to navigate. We fight for our patients and their healthcare needs.”

Ted LaPointe, MSM, BSN, RN
CEO, Pensacola Lung Group

How do we make the most successful pulmonary practice in the area look as good on the outside as they do on the inside?


Pensacola Lung Group is a well-loved and successful pulmonary and sleep medicine practice, dedicated to fostering a team of physicians and support staff that puts patients first—providing individualized solutions, delivered with heart. Their track record and growing patient numbers proved they were the best, but their dated image and lack of a web presence was hindering their external image and their ability of offer patients a portal to view medical results online. Pensacola Lung Group needed a personable and professional new image that let their true personality shine through, as well as a few technological advances that would bring their excellent patient care into the digital realm.


Pensacola Lung Group did not have a functioning website for at least two years, and was more than ready to trust the process. To get started, each and every member of their organization contributed their thoughts on the new brand during a dialogue session facilitated by idgroup. From there, the idgroup strategy and creative teams got busy developing a brand for the practice that expressed Pensacola Lung Group’s medical professionalism while ensuring that the genuine compassion and empathy they felt for their patients was not lost. Inspired by their authentic blend of patient-centered care and top-notch pulmonary and sleep medicine technology and services, idgroup positioned the practice through their refreshingly different approach to medicine, one that provides individualized solutions, exceeds expectations, and is delivered with heart.

“Advocating for our patients and treating each person with the highest levels of respect, empathy and kindness is what our team is committed to. We aren’t just here to treat pulmonary and sleep medicine issues—we’re here to make life better for each person we meet.”

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