Studer Institute

Inspire Citizen-Powered Change

Services We Provided: Branding from the Core®, Facilitated Strategic Planning Sessions, Logo, Visual Identity System, Brand Standards, Microsite, Branding Campaign, Online Video Series

Local entrepreneur, and nationally recognized healthcare expert, Quint Studer, sought to inspire change within the citizens of the thriving and growing city he calls home. Thus, was born the Studer Institute. The goal was to provide community research and quality of life metrics to inspire citizen-powered change.

idgroup partnered with the Studer Institute to help tell their story. Over the course of that relationship, we conducted a leadership dialogue summit to engage the team charged with sparking this Pensacola change revolution—giving voice to the new organization in a way that would resonate with the community. The Studer Institute story was translated into a visual brand consistent with their story, branded communication materials, a website, online video and a series of advertising highlighting the citizens within our community who are already propelling Pensacola to new heights.


American Advertising Awards Judges Choice
4 Gold American Advertising Awards
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